Posted by: keeme | September 27, 2008


I have been going over and over the decision to travel the SL map with Nika Dreamscape.

Here is the thing… She is very sad about leaving the only home she has had here in SL. The reasons are bad economy = no money for play and my pride. I feel I should have really tried harder to keep her happy and not get all caught up in the whole “I need to pay my own way” attitude and my (now seems like a) silly little dream of this journey. I am happy she is coming with me and I know we will have a great time. We will share an abundance of memories on this emotion filled roller coaster ride, but I feel horrible knowing how sad she is now.

She will say “its OK I really want to do this” but that’s because she is the sweetest girl on the grid.

The thing is I am taking her from the lap of luxury to sleeping in garbage cans. She already misses her friends and home so bad it is affecting her when she is offline. So needless to say I feel like one uncool SL resident (make that vageraunt).

I still think the cat is a freak.



  1. Keeme, you are such an awesome guy and I feel incredibly lucky to be with you.

    I PROMISE you, its ok! Yes I get (got) sad at times, but I have so much enthusiasm and excitement to do this with you. Thank you so much for letting me come with you, I really do want to do this. We’re goingto have a lot of fun, and I love reading your blog. I’m proud as hell to be at your side.

    (And you know you love Fricken, admit it.)


  2. It’s natural to feel sad when you leave a place you like. When we found out the island where we’d been living for months was going to be sold, I was really down about it. It still makes me sad when I log in and I’m not in our old skybox. But you two are about to go on such an adventure! And not one I’ve really heard of being blogged about before! Once everything gets started, it’ll all be ok. And if for some reason you need a set home to come to, IM me. I’ve got an empty little house tucked into the corner of my sim that is good for clothing changes and getting out of the “elements.” LOL

  3. Alicia, Thank you it means a lot to know there are folks our there that care about us.

    Nika, Like I said before “you gave me reason to come back into SL and its why I stayed”.

    And for those who are confused about the title of this post… get to know me and you will know what it means.

  4. My honest opinion is that being fiscally responsible is nothing to feel bad about. Sad that you can’t stay, yes, but this is just how it is. When people can’t afford something at a specific time, they stop spending on it until they can.

    Unless you’re the banks or the government. Or 99% of the US population, but I digress.

    It’s a stage. Life is ebb and flow. It is what it is. Worry no more. If this is the biggest disappointment you can think of in life, you guys.. you’re doing awesome! 🙂

    Hang in there and just have fun. See in the trailer house!

  5. Good luck you two with your travels! what an adventure! I am thinking about selling my land as well as can’t really justify the tier.

    In the meantime, I will add you to my builders group so that if you ever want to, you can use my garden for rez’ing stuff instead of having to use a ‘sand pit’!


  6. […] with the big send off/going away party this evening. Keeme wrote an extremely sweet and thoughtful post on his blog the other day, and I just want to stress that although yes I am sorry that we’re leaving, I […]

  7. Your Both Loved! Home will always be here 🙂

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